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Look at our versatile offers and get a free overview of meeting rooms and conference venues that match your business needs. makes it easy for you to find the right premises.

The filter options allow a targeted search. Create an automatic search agent that notifies you when new meeting rooms are listed on the page that meets your criteria to make your search even more effective. You can save time and resources and quickly contact the provider if you have found the right meeting room.

A meeting room whenever you need it

A meeting room whenever you need it

On you will receive a free and user-friendly overview of available conference halls and meeting rooms that meet your specific needs.

We advertise all types of conference halls and meeting rooms so you will have direct access to a versatile range with many flexible options. Whatever your requirements are in terms of price, location, facilities, etc., here you will find the most attractive options.

By filtering your search, you will quickly find a meeting room that is suitable for you. Create a search agent and automatically receive an email as soon as a meeting room that satisfies your search criteria appears on our site. If you would like to know more about a particular meeting room or conference hall, you can contact the owner directly to obtain further information.

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We look forward to helping you find meeting or conference premises that that will make your meeting or event a productive and enjoyable experience.

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If there is a meeting room or conference hall that you want to let, register now on We have over 70,000 visitors each month who are actively looking for business premises, including meeting rooms. This way you can show your ad directly to a large target audience. Place your ad online today and find tenants for your meeting room effortlessly.

Increase your mobility with flexible meeting rooms

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Pay less with flexible meeting premises

If there are no meeting rooms or conference facilities at your office, don`t consider this a disadvantage - on the contrary. For many companies, it may be more suitable to rent meeting rooms on an hourly basis or for a limited time period. Today, more and more businesses are choosing this option. This way, you pay for the meeting or conference space only in relation to the time your company spends there. Avoiding payment of fixed monthly fees for extra square meters, which are idle most of the time, can easily result in significant cost savings for your business over the long term. This type of “add-on” meeting space allows greater flexibility and efficiency for your business, as you can use it depending on your changing requirements or financial circumstances.

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Meeting rooms to suit all needs

There are plenty of other benefits to renting a meeting room separately. There are a vast array of meeting and conference premises, which can vary in terms of location, facilities, and design. You can also choose between a relaxed or formal setting. You are not confined to your own office space and can relocate your meetings or events to address any specific ad hoc needs. In addition, this solution allows you to adjust the space to the format of your meeting or the number of participants, to make your colleagues, existing and prospective clients, partners and guests feel as comfortable as possible. Aside from the practical perks, flexible meeting rooms might also help strengthen your corporate brand and enhance your company`s prestige: you can, for example, choose to hold meetings in exclusive venues in the city centre, or in a scenic area with a breath-taking view and make your meeting not only a fruitful business gathering but an unforgettable experience for its participants.

Meeting rooms and conference halls with customized services

Renting a meeting room on a temporary basis often gives access to a wider range of facilities and services. For example, you can rent a meeting room with catering facilities, which enables you to order food and refreshments to your taste. Many will be complete with state of the art conference equipment, as well as offering secretarial and other services. Another practical option is to rent a meeting room or conference hall at a hotel: your overseas or non-resident guests then have the option to stay overnight if necessary, mixing business with pleasure and potentially enjoying the other hotel facilities, such as its restaurants or spa.

Hold meetings nationwide

Another merit of renting separate meeting and conference rooms is geographic flexibility. If there are employees in your company who frequently travel around the country, e.g., sales managers, you can rent a meeting room for them, even on an hourly basis, in many different cities. This means you are able to meet your customers, partners, etc., right where they are. It provides a high degree of mobility and flexibility for the company, which in turn creates competitive advantage.

Recreational conference rooms

If your company plans to hold a conference, there are numerous venue options in the most exciting locations worldwide. The many choices at your disposal include conference rooms at airports, hotel conference facilities, dedicated conference centres or perhaps something more unusual, like an old mansion that has been converted into a specialized event space. Many options are in scenic and recreational areas. In addition, it may even be possible to combine a conference with a teambuilding or other event. This makes the experience even more valuable, time efficient and productive.