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Business centres of Chandigarh - what to choose

Most offices and business centres are situated in District 17. It’s a downtown which was initially planned to serve as a business area. And it does. Typically, business centre in Chandigarh would offer you an office suite with no furniture and with 12-month agreement. Nevertheless, everything is negotiable here. You can easily ask for a shorter period of the office rent or to include some furniture you need into the rental price.

Moreover, it’s always good to check whether your business centre offers flexible office spaces and additional facilities, like conference halls, meeting rooms and parking slots. What else you can do is to check some business centres which seem to be quite luxurious. Unlike Mumbai, and the price can’t skyrocket. So, you can enjoy doing business in a great place with lots of facilities for a reasonable price.

The transportation system

Remember, that Sector 17 was planned as a business are. Therefore, it has a really good Internet connection. Probably, one of the best in India, except Bangalore and some other places, which are leaders in the IT industry.

Furthermore, Chandigarh has got a great offline connection as well. The airport of Chandigarh has regular flights to the most important cities in India and United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and China. You can quickly get New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or Bangalore and have a connection flight to any part of the world within a few hours.

Lifestyle in Chandigarh

The big part of the population is young specialists and entrepreneurs. That’s why Chandigarh hosts several festivals, has plenty of restaurants, bars, and events. Most people possess at least one car. That’s the reason why Chandigarh has the highest in India ration between the population and the number of personal vehicles. Roads are well-maintained, and it never happens to see the traffic jam even during the rush hours.

What do you need to join business owners and people who enjoy life and work in Chandigarh? Start with finding office space in a business centre which would meet all your expectations and satisfy all your wishes. Check what commercial estate we can offer you in Chandigarh!

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