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Why rent serviced office space in business centers of Indore?

Indian city, with infrastructure, which meets European standards, Indore attracts hundreds of business owners. Entrepreneurs choose Indore as a destination to open the office because you can combine high-quality lifestyle and profitable business here. Numerous parks and green areas, straight avenues and well-developed transportation system enable people from the Western world to feel comfortable while living and working here. Furthermore, business centers of Indore provide all services to focus on work. Big and video-monitored parking areas, cleaning, water & food delivery, 24-hour reception and safety systems are standard options for business centers in Indore. Still, there are several things you should know to select the office suite which would fit you perfectly.

Top locations

Since rental of flexible workplaces is offered all around the city, it can be challenging to choose some particular district. Eastern and Northern parts of the city usually are the most popular. Offices and headquarters of industrial and textile companies are also situated here.

Commercial real estate in Indore includes warehouses and industrial parks as well. Such properties are mostly located on the South and the West. Therefore, if you need to be closer to the industrial area of the city, you can choose a business centeron the South-West.South-West area if the city is also the closest to the Indore Airport.


As we have already said, there is an International Airport in Indore. It carries over 1.000.000 passengers annually and enables entrepreneurs, who do business in Indore, to stay connected with the rest of the world. It has daily flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore, as well as weekly flights to Goa and several other states of India. With connection flights from Delhi and Mumbai, you can quickly get to any destination in the worlds smoothly.

Rapid Bus System of Indore is also an excellent demonstration of the Smart City program. Stations are equipped with LCD-displays, which show the current position of the bus and the arrival time. Most of the buses are air-conditioned, what is not usual for typical Indian cities.

How to start a business in Indore

When the destination is chosen, the only thing you need is to register the company and find office space in the business center which meets your criteria. Since Indore is one of leading cities in Smart City program, it would be not hard to find an office suite where you can focus on work and achieve your business goals fast and effectively.

Begin to benefit with cost-effective solutions, which Indian economy provides to business owners like you. Check our website to discover what business centers we offer you in Indore!

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