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Why rent office space in Nagpur

Nagpur is a city in the central part of India in the state of Maharashtra. It often bears the title of the heart of India. Nagpur is the 3rd largest area in Maharashtra and the 13th metropolitan zone in Indian with 2,5 million of residents. In addition, Nagpur is the second greenest and cleanest Indian city. Nagpur is prominent trading, financial and political center.  Nagpur is the best Indian city to live in due to the life quality. The diverse highly-educational establishment is placed in the city together with numerous medical and engineering colleges.

Mining is one of the leading industries in Nagpur. It headquarters various national mining enterprises. Agriculture contributes significantly to the city’s economy. Due to the extensive orange production, Nagpur has got the title of the Orange City. The city is also prominent cotton and silk producer. Nagpur is properly linked by various public transport facilities such as railways, roadways, and subways.  In addition, the city is served by the International airport of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. The main economic investment project of the Multi-Modal International Cargo center and Airport (MIHAN) will transform the airport into the leading hub for the cargo operations.

Smart city of India

Nowadays Nagpur is an attractive investment destination. Such giants like CISCO and Reliance invested in projects like an Aerospace Park and manufacturing plants construction. The other companies that play a core role in the business development of Nagpur are Hyundai Unitech,   Videocon. According to the project called the Smart City, Nagpur will be transformed into an eco-friendly hub with the creation of green, safe, prosperous and healthy ecosystem. The city collaborates with multinationals like IBM, Persistent Solutions, Ernst & Young to implement intelligent solutions. Nowadays Nagpur homes more than 22,000 enterprises.  Moreover, the World Trade Centre is going to launch a Centre at Nagpur in the nearest future.

Business district

Nagpur Central Business District includes modern office complexes. The area is popular with Indian local enterprises and multinationals working in banking, insurance, textile, and service industries. Office buildings of the district are surrounded by the parking zones and private terraces. In addition, there are provided a security system, 24-hour access to the buildings, meeting rooms and video conference facilities.

The government has invested prominently in the infrastructure of the city. As a result industrial hub of Butibori has emerged. Butibori is the major industrial district of Nagpur and the largest in Asia. Butibori district includes more than 226 tenants.  The district homes the Indo Rama Synthetics which is the major synthetic polyester yarn manufacturer. Among the other renters are Gammon India Limited, Hyundai Unitech, Electrolux, etc. The district homes more than 100 industries like chemicals, machinery, recycling, engineering, laboratories and research centers, mineral and metal industries, refinery, media services, computer hardware, textiles and healthcare sectors.

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