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Historical buildings and ancient palaces organically implement into modern-time towers and business centres made of concrete and glass. Well-maintained roads, numerous parks, lakes, fountains - Vadodara is an excellent place to live and work. There is almost no plant of factories in the area.

Moreover, Vadodara is an important centre of business activity in the region. The highway, which connects New Delhi to Mumbai passes by Vadodara and, thus, turns this town into the destination which has much lower rental prices in comparison to big cities and a quite good infrastructure. These factors have a significant effect on local businesses. Many companies begin to open offices here. Several Indian industrial conglomerates have their headquarters here. Plenty of small and medium businesses are based in numerous business centres of Vodadara.

How to choose a business centre in Vadodara

First of all, pay attention to the northern part of the city. Most of the best business centres are situated in Alkapuri district, close to the railway station and the central bus terminal. You can find both economy-class office suites and luxury ones. Whether your company is rich or not, flexible office spaces will help you to save money on the rental payment. You can use additional facilities, like conference halls, meeting rooms and coworking areas just for a limited period of time and pay for that time only.

Despite the fact that business centres are concentrated in the Northern part of the city, some of them are closer to the South. Why so? The land is much cheaper there. It’s more efficient to invest in buildings with thousands of square meters in the cheaper land. Saved money can be used for improving the territory around the business centre. To build a park, waterpool, open cafes - everything that can help to relax and then keep on working.

Transportation system

Vadodara has a good transportation system both inside the city and with the rest of India. The highway which connects Delhi and Mumbai passes close to the town. Moreover, there is a recently built international airport in Vadodara. It has direct flights to Delhi and Mumbai. With several daily flights, you can get large metropolitan areas in just a couple of hours. Due to the fast service and smooth customer experience, airport of Vadodara is officially one of the most comfortable in India. And it’s the second in the country green airport, after Kochi.

As you can see, living in Vadodara is comfortable and doing business is cost-effective. Why not open your office here? Regardless you move your headquarters here or open a branch, business spaces of Vadodara will meet and even exceed all your expectations. Check what serviced offices we offer on our website and pick the one

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