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Quarterly Partnership Reporting Q3 2017

Steen Uno
The third quarterly partnership report is now ready! Get brand-new performance numbers from MatchOffice and still including the workflow for MatchOffice partners.
Steen Uno

The new one-pager makes it easy for all our partners to find information about how to get the most out of the partnership and also keep updated on some of the key performance indicators for MatchOffice.

Martin Roerholt, Global Relationship Manager, is to comment on the performance report:

"Even though we have seen a decrease in the performance and would think of this as a negative trend, we have not been surprised about the development. Included in the last 6 months is the yearly seasonal fluctuation that as usual results in a lower amount of traffic but also the fact that we accompliced to introduce 8 new websites which affects the performance. In the following months we expect to harvest the benefits of our hard work."

And he explains further:

"For a long time we worked on an integration between different systems which now is moving into the final phase. With 6 more websites close to going 'live', a new universe providing rich oppertunies to user-experience, an ultra-modern and optimized website towards Search Engine Marketing and last but not least getting rid off a lot of 'deadweight' releasing resources to spend on increasing the performamce. I see this small step backwards as an investment that will bring us at least two steps forward.'

Please find the report below and we still hope our many partners find it useful to be able to look at this report if in doubt about the partnership or i.e. a new employee is to better understand what it's all about.

Click here to access the report for 3rd quarter 2017.

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